also known as the Queen of the Swords, is a Chaos Lord. She prefers to appear as a beautiful young woman but is sometimes referred to with the male pronoun (making a pun of her title Queen of the Swords). She is prone to shapeshifting and carries a giant sword. In Stormbringer (book), she rides a creature with the head of a lion and the body of a bull. In Corum's world, she is one of the three Sword Rulers.

She has contested both Corum and Elric. Corum banished her from the Fifteen Planes with the help of Lord Arkyn of Law, and Elric dueled her with Stormbringer, ultimately killing her. 

Though she prefers the form of a beautiful woman, it is noted that during her fight with Elric, she began to transform, possibly due to loss in concentration, and became markedly more insect like over time.