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The von Beks, also known as the van Beeks, the Beks, the Beggs and the Becks, are an ancient, extended family who are important players of the Game of Time. The von Bek family, possibly due to their origin and fact that many members are Eternals, have spread through the Multiverse, and they exist in many realities.

Multiversal Origin[]

The von Beks are referred to as "The oldest blood in Germany"

Due to the mysterious interdimensional origin of the family as scions of Elric of Melniboné, the von Beks carry royal Melnibonéan blood mingled with their human blood. Therefore, there is a hereditary tendency for male members of the family to be born with albinism.

Many members of the family are incarnations of the Eternal Champion, and variations of the name Ulrich are traditional names in the family. The name bears many phonetic similarities to ElricUrlik, and even to some degree, Erekosë. This is possibly in honour of their legendary Albino founder. Several (if not all) albino members of the family are literal avatars of Elric on his many dream-quests.

Lucifer and the Grail[]

The von Beks are the ancient guardians of the Holy Grail, charged to keep it until such a time as Lucifer is reconciled with God. This can only happen when Lucifer and the von Beks are able to cure the World's Pain. For this reason, their ancient family motto is "Do you the Devil's work."

The Black Sword[]

Members of the von Bek family are traditionally bearers of the Black Sword in the form of Ravenbrand, which has been passed down through the family as an heirloom since ancient times.


Members of the extended, multiversal von Bek family include: