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Ulrich Von Bek, Count of Saxony, is an aspect of the Eternal Champion who lived in Nazi Germany. He is a member of the Von Bek family and a descendant of the Graf Ulrich Von Bek, his namesake.


After being imprisoned for his actions against Hitler and his regime, Ulrich escaped into the Middle Marshes, which caused him to end up in the Six Realms of the Wheel, where he met John Daker during his time as Prince Flamadin. He and the Eldren Ghost Warrior Alisaard aided Daker in slaying Princess Sharadim and the army of Chaos she'd aligned with. In the process, Ulrich briefly found the Holy Grail and ensured that Adolf Hitler would lose World War II. Then, when John freed the dragon from the Dragon Sword and the female Eldren followed it to their new home, Count von Bek joined them, as he and Alisaard had fallen in love.