The Singularity laying siege to Tanelorn

The Singularity
are the forces comprising the negative aspects of Law. They are led by Old Reg and his fellow Lords of Law who defy the Cosmic Balance and wish to subject the whole of the Multiverse to rigid sameness. They see Chaos as a horrific aberration that must be cleansed from existence. They worship The Original Insect and seek to follow it's example to devour the Multiverse and leave a clean, blank void of perfect, predictable, controlled stasis.

The Singularity has constructed an artificial universe which they have encased in a woven super-carbon buckyball to cut it off from the Second Ether. They call this quasi-universe the First Ether and it is their fortress in the war against the Chaos Engineers, their sworn enemies.

The forces of Singularity travel the Second Ether with the might of the Straight Arrow Fleet, their own Scaling Ships, which are uniform in their sharp, triangular design.