The Infinite Fractals of the Second Ether

The Second Ether
, also called Chaos Space, the Shift, and the Chaos Realm, is the origin of all Chaos in the Multiverse, and as such, it is the place from which all the creative beauty and entropic horror in all the realities originate. Since it lies both within and without the Multiverse, the Second Ether can be navigated by those piloting Scaling Ships to bring them to any place in the Multiverse. The Moonbeam Roads presumably run through the Second Ether. The Second Ether is where the Originals, archetypes of every soul in the Multiverse, exist, and is therefore the main battleground upon which the Game of Time is played for control of the Cosmic Balance. The Chaos Engineers revere the Second Ether as their home and their birthright, a place of Chaotic beauty and endless possibility. The Singularity, on the other hand, views the Second Ether as a place of unchecked, wild Entropy which must be conquered and controlled.