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Many Scaling Ships in the Second Ether

Scale Ships are vehicles that allow for travel through the raw Chaos of The Second Ether. Those who utilize Scale Ships are not reliant upon the Moonbeam Roads, and can travel anywhere in the Multiverse they are capable of navigating to. Scale ships utilize an IT (Intercontinua-Travelling) drive to manipulate mass. Folding/Contracting the ship's mass allows its passengers to "scale down", falling through the scales towards realities of ever higher density. Unfolding/Dissipating the ship's mass allows it to scale up, rapidly ascending towards realities of ever lower density. Experienced pilots, such as The Rose Von Bek, can skim their ships across the billowing fractals of the Ether like a stone across water.

Travel in the Second Ether, due to its nature as the origin of raw Chaos, alters organic and inorganic matter alike and those who frequently use Scale Ships are heavily altered from exposure to raw Chaos energy. A mechanical object in the Ether will gradually become organic, and vice versa. Each ship has a "Main Type", a captain of sorts who becomes one with the ship and acts as its ego. The entire crew will sometimes be one with the ship, as in the case of the Spammer Gain and as observed briefly of Billy-Bob Begg's crew, and are indistinguishable from the ship. In these cases, the ship and the crew combine to create a virtually new lifeform.

Scale Ships are utilized by the Chaos Engineers, The Singularity, and other multiversal travelers. The Meat Boats of the Machinoix are most likely Scale Ships, which explains their techno-organic nature as well as their ability to enter and exit the Biloxi Fault unscathed. It is also quite possible that the Dark Ship is essentially a Scale Ship, since it sails the "seas of fate" between worlds.