Elric arrives at the Raped Planet

The Raped Planet
is the universe of which Jack Karaquazian, Sam Oakenhurst and Colinda Dovero are natives. It is a world like our Earth, but the discovery of Colour Spots, actually holes in reality, changed history entirely. Humanity tapped the spots for limitless energy, and they eventually ruptured reality by attempting to expand a massive colour spot in the gulf of Mexico, creating the Biloxi Fault, a hole in the Multiverse itself.


The Earth's history is apparently nearly the same, up until a point where economic and political breakthroughs in the middle east make the Arab World the envy of all other nations. At some point white people began to be looked down upon.

Things altered radically when Humanity discovered Colour. The Colour was found in "spots" all over the world. These Colour Spots were actually portals/tears into the Chaos of the Second Ether. Humanity tapped into the Colour for unlimited energy, supplied, unknown to them, by seething oceans of raw Chaos. When a large Colour Spot appeared in the ocean off the coast of Biloxi, Mississippi, the energy companies decided to attempt to drill into it for even more power, and inadvertently tore a gaping wound in the Multiverse. The Biloxi Fault opened and swallowed all the derricks and a large part of the coast of Biloxi, and from that point, the Universe began to disintegrate gradually, prey to the warping effects of Chaos.

All electronics and electricity stopped working and became useless, putting Humanity back into the steam and coal age. A repeat of the civil war broke out in America and society regressed into nation-states. In this version of America, white people are slaves in the south, and free in the north. Much of the nation has been reclaimed by the Native Americans, and other large parts of the nation are entirely uninhabitable due to their heavy warping by Chaos. Time became fractured and the conflicting time-streams and the altered and mutable dimensions created a very different world.

As The Biloxi Fault was gradually swallowing up the entire Universe and Chaos warped reality and made everything a wild chance full of unfathomable randomness, the Jugadores were well adapted to survive. In New Orleans, at the Terminal Cafe, and on the riverboats of the Mississippi River, they play the Game of Time and strive to alter their fates.