Prince Flamadin is an aspect of the Eternal Champion and the fourth and final identity assumed by John Daker, and friend and ally to Ulrich Von Bek. Prince Flamadin is a bearer of the Black Sword, which he wields in the form of the Dragon Sword. He also possessed the Actorios Stone long before it was set into the Ring of Kings which Elric of Melniboné would eventually inherit.


The original Prince Flamadin was the twin brother of Princess Sharadim, set to become Empress of their home realm of Draachenheem, one of the Six Realms of the Wheel. Flamadin would often go on adventures, while his sister was secretly gaining the support she needed to become its War-Empress. It is custom there for royal siblings to marry, but when she recalled Flamadin to ask he honor that custom in order to consolidate her political power, he refused and planned to tell the realm of her schemes. So she fatally poisoned him and claimed she exiled him for attempting to kill her, making him out to be a disgraced ex-Prince. She kept his body preserved in a secret room to perform strange rituals upon it.

John Daker

When John Daker completed his existence as Urlik Skarsol, Sepiriz convinced and guided him to re-board the Dark Ship That Sails Between the Worlds. Its crew, the Blind Captain and his brother the Steersman, took him to the Six Realms. A new body identical to Flamadin's was waiting for him there, standing next to Ulrich Von Bek. When he exited the boat, he was in the Prince's body, and Ulrich became his closest companion on their quest for the Dragon Sword.
Sharadim sought the Dragon Sword so that she may trade it to Archduke Balarizaaf, a Chaos Lord trapped at the center of the Six Realms, in return for the power to conquer them all and become immortal. Flamadin and his companions sought the sword to stop her, and to free the female cosmic dragon within.
Its counterpart, a male cosmic dragon, had guided the male Eldren of a world where they were being hunted by the Mabden to a safer place without Mabden. After he succeeded, the female dragon then left with the female Eldren to guide them there. But before she could complete her task, she was trapped by the Dragon Sword at the moment of its creation, as Black Swords have a habit of drawing in and trapping demons and other such creatures within them at the time they are forged.
With the dragon taken midway, the Eldren were left trapped in the Six Realms, and their race would soon perish unless the Dragon was freed to guide them home. After the Eldren women gave Daker the Actorios Stone and explained their predicament to him, he felt he owed it to his Eldren Princess Ermizhad to save them. He and his companions ultimately recovered the sword and split it in two, freeing the cosmic dragon trapped within. The two halves of the Dragon Sword would later be reforged into Stormbringer and its twin, Mournblade.


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