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The Multiverse is Vast![]

Welcome, fellow traveler of the Moonbeam Roads. This is a Wiki devoted to the works of legendary Science Fiction author Michael Moorcock. You have crossed many worlds, and your travels have led you here, to our cosmic archive embedded deep within the Second Ether. Here is gathered all the lore of the Multiverse, the secrets of Law and Chaos, and the mysteries of the Eternal Champion. If you have courage enough to roam the corridors of the Multiverse, guard your soul, lest you fall into Limbo for eternity.

A Very Tasty World, Mr. Moorcock[]

This wiki is devoted to the works of legendary speculative fiction author Michael Moorcock, whose far-reaching influence has been felt in literature, film, gaming, and music. This wiki will cover anything that has to do with Moorcock and his fiction, including books, comics, movies, music, etc. If you are a Michael Moorcock fan, we urge you to join the Conspiracy of the Just and help complete this wiki!

Where to Start[]

The Multiverse