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The Lords of Singularity and Justice, and servants of Law.

Law manifests itself in an unknown number of forms and ideals. Chief among these are the Lords of Law, also known as the Lords of Light and the White Lords. The Lords of Law are essentially living embodiment of Law. They are worshiped as gods in many worlds, and reviled as tyrants in others.

The White Lords of Law are much less developed than the Lords of Chaos. Most of the stories are set in a cosmic cycle when Chaos is most powerful. When they appear, the Lords of Law are usually more benevolent than the Chaos Lords, who are seductive but also sinister and prone to losing their temper. The Lords of Law are prone to appearing in human form, but when seen in their truer forms, they appear as perfect in every way, flawlessly symmetrical and painfully beautiful to look upon.

This does not mean the Lords of Law are inherently good. Just like Chaos, Law is beyond good or evil, and too much Law can be just as harmful to life as too much Chaos. Lords of Law who disregard the Cosmic Balance do so because they wish to stop Chaos from breaching the Balance forever, and ironically, they go against the Balance themselves when they do this. Such Lords of Law can appear so bizarre as to be indistinguishable from a Chaos Lord in the eyes of a mortal, and can begin to behave in a single-minded, insect-like way, seeking to devour all creativity or freedom they can find. The Lords of Law in their negative aspect are referred to as The Singularity.

Known Lords of Law[]

  • Donblas the Justice Maker is the spokesman and apparent leader of the White Lords.
  • Lady Miggea, a renegade Lord (or rather Lady) of Law, recruited the help of Prince Gaynor the Damned
  • Lady Inald, haughty Countess of Law
  • Arkyn of Law appears in the Corum cycle, but as the deities in the Elric and Corum cycles are essentially the same then it can be presumed that Arkyn is also a member of the White Lords. He assists Corum many times before the destruction of the Gods by Kwll. He also aided Elric and Conan in their battle against the Green Empress Terhali though their ally Zephra, though it cost both women their lives.
  • Shalod is mentioned (briefly) in the Corum cycle following the defeat of Queen Xiombarg. Just as Arkyn, he can be presumed to be a member of the White Lords.
  • Quelch appears in the Second Ether stories, he most often takes the form of an old sea captain. His true form is described as crystalline and insectoid. He is one of the few negative Lords of Law to be prominently featured in the stories, even encountering Elric and Renark von Bek once.
  • Lucifer, also known as Old Reg, appears in the Von Bek stories and the Second Ether stories. Lucifer is the first being to defy the Cosmic Balance. He is an ancient Lord of Law, and lord of the Singularity.
  • Mrs. Oldreg, Mr. Oldreg's consort and a member of the Singularity, who appeared in Michael Moorcock's Multiverse.
  • General Frank Force, a general of the Singularity who appeared in Michael Moorcock's Multiverse.
  • Freddy Force, Frank's twin brother, who merges with him for brief periods to traverse the Multiverse.
  • Kaprikorn Schultz, respected banker to the Homeboy Tong, who lured the Spammer Gain's fishlings away from their mother with a false attractor.