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The Arrow of Law

Law, also known as Singularity, is one of the two fundamental natural forces that make up the Cosmic Balance, along with Chaos. Like Chaos, Law can never be good or evil, as it is beyond such human concepts. However, Law is often seen as the lighter of the two forces. The sigil of Law is a single arrow pointing up, symbolizing the one true path of Law.

Law and The Balance[]

Law is a necessary force in the Multiverse. Without Law, there would be no stability or structure in nature, no justice or morality in the worlds. Law, according to its nature, often upholds the Balance. Chaos is seen by the denizens of Law as an aberration that would reduce all form and meaning in the Multiverse to chaotic flux, a force of Entropy that seeks to mutate all of reality into an ever-shifting void of random energy. The Balance dictates that Law and Chaos must be equal in the multiverse, and since that, in itself, is a law, Law often contests the forces of Chaos in order to uphold it. In other universes, such as the Second Ether, the champions of Law are essentially fascists, battling against the freedom fighters of Chaos.

The Lords of Law[]

Law manifests itself in an unknown number of forms and ideals. Chief among these are the Lords of Law, also known as the Lords of Light and the White Lords. The Lords of Law are essentially living embodiments of Law. They are worshipped as gods in many worlds, and reviled as tyrants in others.