John Daker, known as John D- and possibly Jack d'Acre, is the only aspect of the Eternal Champion who has memories of all his other incarnations. John existed in a world very much like or identical to our own Earth in the 20th century, until he was called to re-inhabit the form of a deceased aspect of one of his previous/future selves, Lord Erekosë.

This is the beginning of a stream of unbroken consciousness where the identity of John Daker is fully aware of shifting into his other aspects on other worlds. He remembers his true nature in nightmares and visions that plague him at night. However, John Daker has full conscious memory of assuming the forms of Erekosë, Urlik Skarsol, Clen of Clen-Gar, and Prince Flamadin. He would eventually destroy the Cosmic Balance itself to free his soul.

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