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Game of time

The Game of Time is one name for the Multiversal struggle for control of the Cosmic Balance. It is nothing less than the wagering of players' souls for the chance to change the Human Condition, to alter the very nature of reality. It is played at all scales of the Multiverse, and it may be experienced as open war, a tournament, or even an actual game involving wagers over the unfolding histories of simulated, quasi-real universes.

A player in the game of time is called a Jugadore. The Game is played by the forces of Law and Chaos, and various renegade factions, all attempting to gain control of the Cosmic Balance for their faction or sub-faction. There are also those who play not to control the Cosmic Balance but to uphold it and preserve it.

The Game of Time, in its purest form, is experienced as an eternal Multiversal war being raged across the near infinity of the Second Ether, Principally between the Chaos Engineers and the Singularity. The Rose Von Bek, Gaynor the Damned and the Eternal Champion are all principal players in the Game of Time as well.

The Game of Time could result in the ultimate triumph of Law's Singularity and their Original Insect, or the ultimate triumph of Chaos as Entropy devours the Multiverse. It could also result in ultimate freedom for Humanity and the other mortal and immortal races of the Multiverse.