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The Fhoi Myore are seven humanoid giants referred to as the Gods of Limbo. They are necrotic and deformed in appearance, and radiate intense cold. Corum theorized that the Fhoi Myore are the ultimate fate of the Chaos Lords, consumed by their own entropy.

The Fhoi Myore are based on the Fomorians of Celtic mythology.

The last Fhoi Myore by name:

  • Kerenos - He is kind of the leader of the Fhoi Myore and most powerful one. Also he is the master of the white wolfs, which are controled by his horn.
  • Goim - She is the last female Fhoi Moyre. She likes to torture her prisoners and unman them.
  • Bahlar - He has the ability to freeze everything he sees. Normally his eye is closed and Bahlar can open it by using a wire attached to his body.
  • Sreng - He is wearing his seven swords like a kilt. His eyes remind Corum of Glandyth a Krae.
  • Arek
  • Bress
  • unknown