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Eternal Champion by Boris Vallejo

The Eternal Champion is a being that exists in different forms throughout the Multiverse. The Champion exists to uphold the Cosmic Balance, and could even be said to be an aspect or reflection of the Balance.

Whenever there is an imbalance of Law or Chaos in the Multiverse, an aspect of the Champion will be born to set the scales right again.

While some incarnations of the Champion fight for Law, and others fight for Chaos, all fight for the Balance, whether they know it or not.

The Eternal Champion always bears an aspect of the Black Sword as his or her weapon, though it may not always manifest as a sword.

Most of the time, the Champion is unaware of his true nature, and lives his life knowing nothing of his destiny until he is swept up in it. The fate of the Champion is a fell doom indeed, for the Champion can never rest, never truly die, and never truly love.

It is possible for multiple aspects of the Champion to exist in the same universe, though it is dangerous and risks damaging the Multiverse. In these cases, the individual Champions can fuse together into one composite being. All aspects of the Champion remember their past (and possibly future) incarnations subconsciously, in dreams and nightmares. Some aspects remember them consciously, which makes them either extremely adept at surviving in the Multiverse, or borderline insane.

The Eternal Champion's tale is almost always a tragic one.


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Aspects of the Champion[]

  • Alerik
  • Alivale
  • Konrad Arflane
  • Artos the Celt
  • Asquiol of Pompeii
  • Aubec of Kaneloon, Earl of Malador
  • Brian
  • Jerry Cornelius, a.k.a, Jerry Cornell from Moorcock's "Chinese Agent" short story and Captain Cornelius in Moorcock's novel Doctor Who: The Coming of the Terraphiles
  • John Daker, the one aspect of the Champion who remembers his previous lives
  • The Doctor, stated in Moorcock's novel Doctor Who: The Coming of the Terraphiles
  • Franik
  • Goldberg
  • Ilanth
  • Ilian of Garathorm
  • Karl Glogauer, who turns out to be the real man behind the messianic figure of Jesus Christ (note also how some other incarnations bear the initials J.C.)
  • Klan the Spoiler
  • Mejink-La-Kos
  • Clovis Marca, retconned to Clovis Becker in "The Shores of Death"
  • Oshbek-Uy
  • Pournachas
  • Alan Powys, retconned to Alain Von Bek in "The Shores of Death"
  • The "Scar-Faced Brooder" from Michael Moorcocks' The Time Dweller: One of the earliest incarnations of the Eternal Champion, but set in Earth's final years
  • Shaleen
  • Umpata



  • American Epic Heavy/Power Metal band Eternal Champion is named after the Eternal Champion.