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Dorian Hawkmoon holding the Chaos Shield.

The Chaos Shield, also known as the Sad Giant's Shield, is one of the Objects of Power. It is an artifact of Chaos created to repel Chaos, as signified by the eight-pointed star emblazoned on its surface.


The Chaos Shield was fashioned by the giant Mordaga who was formerly one of the Lords of the Higher Worlds. He rebelled against his fellow gods and was punished by being cursed with mortality and exiled to Earth. There he served as the guardian of the Shield until Elric, Moonglum, Rackhir, and Dyvim Slorm took it from him. Elric continued to use the Shield until his final battle against Chaos before the destruction of Elric's World.[1][2]

The Shield was later retrieved from the Order of the Fly in the city of Narleen by Dorian Hawkmoon. He used it in his quest with Elric, Eric Beck, and Prince Corum to restore the lost Cosmic Balance.


Although portrayed differently in various illustrations, the Chaos Shield was originally described in the novel Stormbringer as a large round shield made of a silvery green metal with eight amber arrows radiating from a central boss, the Sign of Chaos. Since it was made for a giant it was also very heavy, but Elric was able to wield it because of the strength bestowed upon him by Stormbringer.[1][2]


  • Aside from the protection it provides against weapons (both ordinary and magical), the Shield was forged and enchanted by Chaos so there is nothing Lawful in it that the Chaotic forces can disrupt and destroy. Therefore it is proof against the baneful power of Chaos itself. This means that whoever holds the Shield is protected from having their body and mind warped and transformed by exposure to pure Chaos.[1][2]
  • The Shield will reverse the Chaos transformation effect in beings or objects whenever it is brought near them. However, when the Shield is removed from the area of Chaotic influence, the being or object may go back to a warped state if exposed again to Chaos.[1][2]
  • The Shield can be used as a weapon against the Lords of Chaos. Upon physical contact with the Shield, a Chaos Lord will suffer terrible, painful wounds. When Elric fought Pyaray, touching the Shield caused Pyaray's tentacles to shrivel and die.[1][2]


The Chaos Shield is also known as the Sad Giant's Shield because Mordaga, despite his long lifespan, knows that he will die one day according to prophecy. Thus he broods in sorrow, lamenting the loss of his immortality as a result of his exile.[1][2]


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