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The Star of Chaos

Chaos, also known as Entropy, is one of the two fundamental natural forces that make up the Cosmic Balance, along with Law. Like Law, Chaos can never be good or evil, as it is beyond such human concepts. However, Chaos is often seen as the darker of the two forces. The sigil of Chaos is a star of eight arrows radiating from a single hub, symbolizing the infinite paths of Chaos.

Chaos and the Balance[]

Chaos is a necessary force in the Multiverse. Without Chaos, there would be no freedom or randomness in nature, no creativity or art in the worlds. Chaos, however, often struggles against the Balance. Law is seen by the denizens of Chaos as a shackle that would halt all movement and novelty in the Multiverse, a force of Singularity that seeks to lock all of reality in a state of unchanging stasis. The Balance dictates that Law and Chaos must be equal in the Multiverse, but since that in itself is a law, Chaos often openly revolts, seizing universes and warping them into Chaos realms. In other universes, such as the Second Ether, the champions of Chaos are essentially freedom fighters, battling against the totalitarian grip of Law.

The Chaos Lords[]

Chaos manifests itself in an infinite number of forms and guises. Chief among these are the Chaos Lords, sometimes called the Sword Rulers, the Dukes of Hell, or the Lords of Entropy. The Chaos Lords are essentially living embodiments of Chaos. They are worshipped as gods in many worlds, and reviled as demons or devils in others. They represent the negative aspects of Chaos.

There are also minor demons, lesser minions of Chaos. These tend to be bestial and stupid but powerful. Many of them were once human before they made bargains with Chaos, becoming physically and mentally warped into twisted, grotesque monsters.[1]

The Chaos Engineers[]

The Chaos Engineers, also known as the Corsairs of the Second Ether, represent the positive aspects of Chaos. They stand against the forces of Singularity, which seeks to impose Law upon the entire Multiverse. In their actions, they uphold the Balance.


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