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The Actorios Stone, also known as the Dragon Stone, is an Object of Power in the form of an ancient and rare stone set into Elric's Ring of Kings. It has many properties including granting Elric the ability to summon Elementals and minor Gods. It is also capable of summoning the Warriors at the Edge of Time.


The core of the gem sometimes shifts and reshapes itself like "sentient smoke".[1]


Long before the advent of Elric's World, the Actorios was wielded by John Daker as Prince Flamadin, who received it from the Eldren Ghost Women in Gheestenheem. He allowed the Actorios to be destroyed by Flamadin's twin, Princess Sharadim, trapping her in its shards and summoning the Warriors at the Edge of Time in the process. It was whole again by the time of the Mernii, the Eldren who emigrated to Elric's World and would one day become the Melnibonéans, but it was stolen from them by a northern giant. White Crow recovered the Dragon Stone from the giant by the time of the great astral conjunction, saving his people from a war with the Pukwadji and Lord Grome. It was later set into the Ring of Kings, which would be worn by each of Melniboné's rulers until their line ended with Elric.



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